How is your winter season defined?

At, Maine Marine Storage, our winter storage season begins on September 15th and ends on May 30th of the following spring. 

How are your rates identified?

Different facilities use different measurements to establish their storage rates. It can sometimes be difficult to compare the rates between storage facilities because you need to convert each formula to compare rates. The most common measurement is square footage.

At Maine Marine Storage, Both inside and outside storage is established using the square foot measurements needed to store your boat, RV, Automobile, etc. 

How do I establish the square footage that I need?

Square footage is established by mutlipling the overall length with the overall width. Overall length includes the trailer, outboard engines, swim platforms, pulpit, etc. The overall width is the beam at it's widest point. 

What is the temperature for indoor heated storage?

Maine Marine Storage maintains the heated space to 50 degrees (fahrenheit) during the winter season. An automatic generator assures that the heating system is maintained regardless of any power outage. 

What other services do you provide?

Maine Marine Storage is a storage facility. Our services are limited to those associated with regular boat storage such as battery maintenence, dingy storage, etc. 


We do have contacts with outside vendors who can perform other services for you such as shrinkwrapping, engine winter prep, winter boat work, etc.