Your Boat is your pride and joy. The time spent on it each summer creates memories that last a lifetime. That investment needs to be cared for in the off-season so it is ready to take care of you next summer. Indoor heated storage provides that protection! Consider the benefits and cost savings of an indoor heated storage facility.

  • Heat maintained at 50 degrees 24/7 all winter with backup power to ensure continuous service.

  • No Shrink Wrap required. ( the cost of shrink wrap materials have increased of 40% over the past two years)

  • No need to winterize water systems. 

  • No need to remove expensive electronic equipment that can be damaged when subjected to Maine's winter weather.

  • Carpeting, upholstery and finishes are not subjected to cold weather that reduces life expectancy. 

  • Indoor secure building that eliminates the chances of rodent and pest damage.

  • Batteries are maintained in the same warm environment whether onboard or on racks. 


At Maine Marine Storage, we offer both indoor heated storage AND outdoor storage to fit each boaters needs. Seasonal Storage is defined as September 15, 2023 to May 31, 2024. This year's rates are as follows:

  • Indoor heated storage seasonal rate - $15/Square Foot (overall length x overall width x $15)
  • Outdoor storage rate - $3.50/Square Foot (overall length x overall width x $3.50)

We have contacts with outside vendors who can provide services to our customers. Boating hauling, shrink-wrapping, engine maintenance, etc. is available.  Contact us today to arrange for a visit. We are confident that you are going to like what you see. 


2023 Seasonal Storage Contract